Roulette strategies

Roulette strategies cannot affect your chances of winning however it can make you a smarter player. Firstly, there is the common advice of using common sense. Caution is another advice which can be applied to most situations in life. Your chances of winning are greater when playing European roulette so avoid the American roulette table. Never play for more than you can afford and try to set up a budget before you gamble. There are several different roulette strategies, such as; Martingale, Fibonacci, Red Bet, One Hit Miracle, The memory game, Labouchere, Columns, Pivot, D’Alembert, and most certainly more. Below follow descriptions of some of the most famous systems within various ”strategy-categories”.

The Martingale System

Martingale is the most well-known strategy. Most probably because it is a fairly easy one. The strategy is based on the notion that the player must double his bet after every loss, until he gets a win. In this way, the first win will recover all previous losses while including a profit which equals the original stake. Since hitting either red or black is close to 50% players feel safe with this strategy. There are downsides however, since the theory is only bulletproof if the player has an unlimited amount of money. Another downside is that all casinos have a maximum bet. Should the maximum bet be reached before the win – the wagering’s won’t be won back.

The Fibonacci system

This strategy is also based on a mathematical theory however it has a slower progression than the Martingale system. The theory is built on a sequence of numbers where each variable is the sum of the two previous numbers such as; 1-1-2-3-5-8-13…. With the Fibonacci system it is possible to have more losing rounds. If you lose a bet, you need to add the sum of the last two rounds and bet that amount. You are meant to compensate for your losses by increasing your bet yet this system has the same liability and risk as within the Martingale system – reaching max bet before a win.

Red Bet

This strategy is not according to a sequence of numbers but involves always betting on a colour. It is called Red bet since that is in fact the colour which most people tend to bet on for some reason. Within this strategy the player must also double the bet while playing on red while keeping his original betting sum (when lost) on black. An advantage with this strategy is the high probability of at least winning something with every bet.

One Hit Miracle

This strategy is based on the theory that the ball eventually has to fall onto a specific number. In theory the probability will increase for every time it does not. Therefore, the players must keep the same bet until the potential win.

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